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Learn more here about our plan to resume in-person Sunday morning Kids Ministry.



Our leadership and kids ministry teams have been working diligently to resume our Sunday Morning Kids Ministry in the safest, and most considerate way possible. Starting on July 26, all kids Nursery (3 months and older) through Grade 5 returned to their respective departments every Sunday thereafter.


Q: What service times will have kids ministry available?

A: Beginning Sunday, July 26 the 11:00am Service will be offering kids ministry (The 9:00am, 5:00pm as well as Wednesday nights will not be back at this time). Because of the logistics of sanitation and volunteer schedules we are starting with one service and we will make decisions weekly on where we will go from there.

Q: What age groups will be available?

A: Nursery (3 months old at the youngest) through grade 5 at this time.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of kids?

A: We do not know how many kids to expect so it will be difficult to set a limit. We feel confident that our facility and our volunteers will be able to appropriately limit the exposure of your kids.

Q: What about masks? Will my kids need to wear them?

A: Masks are required for children ages 10 and up at this time due to the current state mandate.

Q: Will there be temperature checks?

Yes! We will have touchless thermometers and every child must have their temperature taken before they can be checked into their respective ministry area. If after 2 temperature checks showing 100.4 or higher, your child will not be able to stay. We ask that you take them home and watch the service online for the health and safety of others.

Q: What will be different about drop off and pick-up?

A: Check-In will be available beginning at 10:30am by one of our volunteers, and pick-up must be within 15 minutes of the service being dismissed. We will have designated marks on the floor indicating distancing for drop-off and pick-up. Temperature checks are required prior to entering. Please be patient and respectful of those around you. No parents will be allowed inside any of the kids areas. Your kids will be brought into the kids area and brought out to you.

Q: What are we doing to eliminate or reduce “touches”? 

A: They are kids, so there is only so much we can do! :) However, there will only be two main points of touch: Name tags, and take-home papers/activities. A volunteer will check each child in. As best as we can, there will be no hugs and no high-fives. We will change to air high-fives, first bumps and elbow bumps. We have eliminated as many other points of touch as possible without compromising the experience for your kids. If we did not think we could make it safe AND fun we would not be resuming kids ministry.

Q: What about sanitation?

A: Every single thing in our kids area has been completely and thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected. One of the main reasons we are only offering kids ministry for one service at this time is so we can maintain that high standard of cleaning. Each week moving forward we will be deep cleaning and sanitizing the kids ministry areas between Sundays. All kids will get a squirt of hand sanitizer before entering their area and it will be used as often as necessary along with hand washing.

Q: What will be different about the nursery?

A: There will be 3 main differences. All of these are with health and safety in mind. First, the age limit will be raised to 3 months old. Newborn through 2 months old need to stay with their parents. Second, is diapers. Connect Church will be providing diapers in order to limit what is being brought into the nursery. If there is an allergy or a significant reason why this is unacceptable we will handle that on a case by case basis. Third, diaper bags. No diaper bags will be allowed inside the nursery area to eliminate something else coming into the room. If a bag must be left we will have a designated area for it. Please only bring what is absolutely necessary.

Q: Will the kids still get snacks?

A: Yes! However we are making sure they are all prepackaged and individually wrapped. The kids will also be watched closely and distanced as best as possible to help keep cross-contamination from happening.

Q: Will my kids still have fun? What will be different about the way ministry is done?

A: Your kids will love it! Our amazing volunteers will be dedicated to more of a small group type of program. Each leader will have a limited amount of kids assigned to them (4-6 probably) and their group will maintain their distance from the other groups. In many ways it will have a similar tone of our VBS programs in the past. We believe this will be the best way to limit exposure and ensure your kids have a great time!